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236g net.





With top notes of pine needles, and a body of nutmeg, and clove, you have a warm, spicy and earthy blend, this candle is ‘winter’ in a jar’

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This new Nolattie candle is full of essential oils with aphrodisiac properties for love, libido and romance, a beautiful soft and comforting smell, a candle to get you in the mood.

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This beautiful handmade, hand poured candle offers a natural alternative for your Four legged family member who suffers anxiety or may be fearful. Anxiety in dogs can be triggered for a number of reasons; noise, storms, visitors, loneliness etc...

The 'Dogs Sanctuary' candle is an all natural candle; it has been made with a soy wax blend and a variety of essential oils, which have been specifically chosen to help reduce your dogs anxiety. It can help to keep your dog relaxed and less likely to develop a panic attack.

With top notes of citrus to also help neutralise odours, it makes this a great candle for the home and keeps your four legged family member happy too.


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A 'Refreshing' thought - Exciting, never dull. fresh, never stale. Clear away the cobwebs, clear your mind, relax, inhale.

Deliciously tangy top notes of lemon, with a clean fresh heart of lavender, just like refreshers.



A 'Lemony' thought - A mass of green leaves, a cluster of sunshine, an aged body of bark, the smell of summer.

Top notes of zingy lemon but with spicy clove, giving this a beautiful fresh, warm, earthy fragrance.



Thoughts on 'Roasted Fennel' - A gift from the garden, strong and familiar, evoking a memory long forgotten.

Top notes of spicy sweet fennel with fruity bergamot, this candle evokes a welcoming, homely kitchen.



A thought from 'The Spa' - A soft glow to the walls, a soothing smell that makes you tingle, your body enveloped in warmth, lie back, relax, smile.

With top notes of peppermint, and a fresh geranium heart this candle is pure tranquillity.



A 'warm, cosy open fire' thought - The day is short, the day was long; put another log on, relax.

Top notes of lemon, a dark muddy heart and a deep base, this candle has an air of mysteriousness about it.



Thoughts of 'Cut Grass' - An open window, a cool breeze, the smell of fresh cut grass, a sense of joy and a smile that stretches across my cheeks.

Top notes of lemon, a fresh grass and lavender heart with a woody base, this candle is wonderfully energising.


testimonials for 'Dogs Sanctuary'

Our black lab ‘ Darcey ‘ is 3 years old & used to be fine with bangs & fireworks but this year she has been really spooked by them. I mentioned this to Zena my dog walker, who buys the candles regularly, I told her that Darcey was shaking & panting badly over the recent weekends, Zena kindly lent me her dog sanctuary candle .
We were amazed at how it calmed her down. We love the smell of it around the house too. So with the Christmas & New Year celebrations approaching will definitely put in an order . Rosie and Darcey, from Farnham.
My dog Martha is a Daddy’s girl. In September last year my husband had an accident which put him in and out of hospital for 3 weeks. Martha did not cope well. She started chewing at her fur at the base of her tail and all her feet. Within 2 days she was down to drawing blood and making herself so sore. We tried absolutely everything we could to heal her and break the cycle but nothing worked. The vet said it was stress related due to my husband being away for so long. She was stuck in an awful cycle of beginning to heal then chewing her skin again. I didn’t have much hope that the smell of a candle would make any difference, but amazingly within a couple of weeks, of using it a couple hours a day, she was noticeably more relaxed. After a month she had completely stopped chewing and her fur was growing back! I can only put it down to the candle as nothing we had tried over three to four months had made any difference. The bonus is that the candle smells absolutely amazing and lingers hours after it is blown out. Definitely recommend for stressed out doggies!! Shelly Aira, Stevenage
We tested the Dogs’ Sanctuary candle during the festive season when there are almost constant fireworks – especially on New Year’s Eve. Ernie always reacts by shaking or barking and every night, it’s a constant battle to try and make him calm and comfortable
Usually, he takes himself off to a quiet, dark corner but with the candle burning, he was happy to stay in the lounge and come for cuddles on the sofa. Sure, the noise was still bothering him but this was massive progress.
As an added bonus for us, the candle smelled divine and somehow scents the house even when it’s not burning so I thoroughly recommend it!
Jenny Green, Blogger https://ernies-adventures.com/
I purchased the Nolattie Dog Sanctuary candle and I thought it was wonderful! Coincidence or not, each time I lit the candle, my dogs seemed to be very relaxed, settled and slept peacefully - including my elderly Staffie who was suffering increased anxiety during her final fews weeks. I love filling my home with this candle’s fabulous scent and following the Nolattie ‘Candle Etiquette’, I found this candle burnt very efficiently and was really long lasting. As I run a home boarding business for dogs, I’ll be ordering more of these Dog Sanctuary candles on a regular basis and I also look forward to trying some others from the Nolattie range.
Thank you Joanne.
Zena Deakin, Surrey http://zenaddogwalking.co.uk/
I wasn’t going to light my tester tonight but my dog was in such a state, I lit it. He is so chilled out, I can’t believe it!
Janette Nettie Pavey, Flitwick
Stopped using the candle for 3 nights and he was a nightmare, so to try it out again I lit it half way through the eve yesterday and wham! Haggis calms down, curls in a ball and fell asleep :)  Lorna & Haggis, Maulden
Thank you so much, something has done the trick, and right at the right time, thanks so much, Linda Chamberlain, Westoning.
They definately helped to calm the dogs. One dog in particular is very anxious. Really pleased with the candles and would recommend to others and will be using them again. Also a great fragrance.
Kelly Savage, Flitwick
Candles definately working 😱😱 Bella coping well with the bloody fireworks. Thank you so much x
Bella & Lorraine, Pulloxhill