I am Joanne Phillips, I founded Nolattie Candles in 2016.  Nolattie is the manifestation of my love affair with fragrance, the family and homemaking.

Scientists have proven that smell and memories are intrinsically linked, with certain scents instantly stirring warm feelings and happy moods.  Our new range of scents aims to tap into this science, we have developed a range of distinctive candles scents designed to evoke homely memories to enhance calm and comforting feelings.

The top, middle and base notes of each Nolattie candle invoke a comforting awareness of the pleasures of home and garden.  Drawing on inspiration from themes such as the invigorating smell of freshly cut grass and the leathery smokiness of a blazing log fire, the subtle scents and soft glows from         Nolattie Candles instantly enhance your living space while creating a sense of luxury and tranquillity. 

Each candle is specially handcrafted using high quality soy wax, cotton and linen wicks for clean,      even burning, and infused with essential oils blended by Joanne.

Another noteworthy feature of the collection is the packaging.  Each fragranced candle comes in its own specific bold coloured box with the Nolattie label adorned throughout, and features a candle card offering candle etiquette to ensure you get the most out of your candle. 

 Joanne Phillips, founder, comments: “I am very pleased to be officially launching Nolattie Candles.    My dedication to developing scents that take you on an aromatic journey through the home              and fond family memories, whilst adding another layer of comfort in the home, has resulted in               a collection that I am proud to name Nolattie (the amalgamation of my two daughters’ names)”.

Nolattie cube bundle candles-39.jpg